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  Drumming since the age of 9, musicality comes naturally to Brant whose father, Brian Cole, was a founding member of the sixties pop band The Association - responsible for  several timeless hits including "Cherish", "Windy" and "Along Comes Mary" to name a few.  Growing up in Dallas, TX  he began honing his talent in the high school band and drum corp, quickly moving on to playing a full drum kit.  By the age of 15 he began playing live in a thriving underground scene known as Deep Ellum.  His love of playing drums and creating music led him to work with  diverse artists such as : Sparrows, Sunyl, Jab, The Limes and Fisher. Craving more opportunities and wanting to further his musical journey  he relocated to Los Angeles, CA where he resides today. 

  Often described as amazing to watch, both powerful, and musical his fluidity behind his drum kit is a joy to behold.  This innate passion is contagious and a key component to every project he is involved with whether it be session work, fill-in live playing, production, video or as a permanent member of a band.

  With a natural sense of groove and complex time signatures, he plays drums with a powerful drive and excitement,  citing influences such as John Bonham, Benny Greb, Matt Chamberlain, Jojo Mayer and Joe Morello.  His ability to find the pocket or find the right feel is unmatched.  Proficient in many styles including : rock, pop, acid jazz and EDM.  He also enjoys an exceptional reputation as a studio musician.  His strengths include calling upon many diverse skill sets to suit each project in its creators vision.

  Currently, Brant is working with varied artists including Newton and the Fates, Cole/Flood, the Wednesday Addams and Lady Katherine. 

  If you need drums or production work for your project please contact for rates and availability.






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